Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Friday, July 29, 2011

Garage Sales & Thrifting

I have recently tried to become more proactive about hitting up garage sales and thrift stores for things we need or will need in the near future; instead of the alternate of buying new. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get new things on clearance at an actual store; but those are usually a right place at the right time kinda deal. Today I hit the jackpot at a particular sale that was selling girls clothes size six- I have a girl who will be wearing size six and is in desperate need of fall/winter clothes. {I also have a boy who will be needing 7/8 size clothes for fall/winter- hopefully I will hit a jackpot for him another day!} Back to the girl- there was a yard sale not far from our house so we decided to stop by on our way to get frozen yogurt. I found the size six clothes and asked how much she wanted- she said $.25/piece....WHAT?!?! JACKPOT! I started looking through the pants first and was so happy to find; 1 pr. jeans, 1 pr. corduroys, 1 pr sweats, 1 pr. carpenter pants, 1 pr. pink cotton/corduroy pants...I also found her a corduroy jumper dress & a cute top. We also found a cute pair of clogs. I asked her how much for all of them and she said $2- I said can I give you $3?? I felt so blessed to even get them for $3 and I just didn't feel right only giving her $2- all the clothes are in like new condition without a single stain or tear! We also swung by a thrift store on the way home and I found a pair of Keen's for the little one- they are brown but that's ok she is not picky! Those were $4- which compared to $50 new is a pretty great deal! They were having a summer clearance and all t-shirts, tanks, and trunks for $1- I found 2 very nice t-shirts for my bigger girl as well. So I spent $8 and saved about $150. Don't underestimate garage sales & thrift stores- give it a good wash and they are good as new- just be picky and make sure you get the nice stuff. And if you hit a sale and their prices are crazy (like more than $2 for a pair of pants, more than $1 for a shirt) no matter what the brand someone will always have better prices. Take a look at my finds and good luck if you decide to try it out!


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