Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Santa's Workshop!

We have a list of things we are hoping to do this summer and we are slowly getting to them. A couple sadly might not happen because of the fires raging on here in our mountains and some parts of the city.

The first thing we crossed off the list was a trip up to Woodland Park to visit Santa's Workshop- thankful that we went 3 days before the fire started! Santa's Workshop is located in North Pole, Colorado and is a fun little amusement park we have here. It ain't no Disneyland, but it will do!!

Grammy and Papa took us there- we pretended we were there celebrating Papa's birthday cause he was turning old that week! (and he got in free) We hadn't been in a couple years, and were surprised when Colby was a bit too tall for some of the rides- but tall enough to go on most of them solo!! Boy was he excited!! It was all new to Sadie because last time she was there she was only 2 and too young to remember anything.

First thing we had to do was drive the cars- these were a hit. The 2 big kids could drive alone- Colby finally realized the cars are on a track and it doesn't matter if you steer or not!! (he still believes in Santa!!)

Next we did Santa's Slide and the motorcycles- those were fun! Colby was too tall for the motorcycles- he was disappointed. I fear next year he will be too tall for quite a few things. Colby and Hallie made me go on the wave ride- you know the one at fairs that goes fast forwards and backwards and usually leads to puking...ya that one!! It wasn't too bad and I recovered quickly. They had a newer ride that the kids sat on saddles and went up really high and came down like they were riding on a horse- looked painful to me!! They also went on the boats and some other cars- while the boats used to be Colby's favorite ride last time we were here...he realized they just aren't as fun when your 8!!

I think we went on the sky buckets next- those are always a big hit! I have to admit every time we go over one of the things that makes sure the wires are in the right spot I freak out a little...and all the sudden have visions of the whole bucket I am in crashing to the ground!! We had fun none the less!

The kids did the candy cane coaster twice- Jeff went with them once and my dad went with them once...thats all the adults can handle of it- its very old and jerky! The kids had a blast!

We also went to the magic show!! Big hit for the kids- Colby likes to try to see how the tricks are done- the magician didn't make it too hard to figure out- Ha! We sat in the front row so both kids got to volunteer to help- it was very exciting!! I don't know how, but I got roped into doing a trick too..no pictures of me since I had the camera- sweet!!

We got to stop by and see Santa while we were there...I wanted to give him a sucker punch after we left!! Hallie REALLY wants Kit the American girl doll for Christmas..I had already told her Santa couldn't bring her because she costs too much, but she decided to ask him anyways...UGH! I hear her say, " Can you bring American girl dolls??" And he says, "of course, which one would you like?"
 AREYOUFREAKINGKIDDINGMESANTA!??? So now I have less than 6 months to try to find a USED Kit doll or we are up a creek!!! Keep your eyes peeled for me!!! So here is the picture of them and Santa (said in a snarky tone)...and a few of us having fun together!

Colby decided right before we left he wanted to try the tilt a whirl by himself (he had to go alone cause no one would go with him..lol) He did great...towards the end I was getting a little worried- but he made it through..so proud of my boy- he is growing up and becoming so independent. We also enjoyed some Blue Bell Ice Cream while we were there!!

We went on the train ride- another favorite!!

The carousel and the ornament ride are also favorites! They went on the ornament ride like 3 times...in a row! They went by themselves, with a grown up, with each other...tons of fun!!

And last but not least...this boy...

Looking so much like his daddy here!!

made me go on this....

no other adults would go on it...and he really wanted to..so I gave in...the whole time I was on it guess what I was thinking?? Oh ya totally gonna break and go flying and die!! Fun times. He wanted to try it by himself after this but daddy said NO WAY! Maybe next year!!!


Patricia said...

What a fun outing! Wish your daddy a belated birthday. The pictures were great. I couldn't help but remember when we went several years ago. It was the best fun ever. Yeah, it's no Disneyland, but it is really a great place to go with children. BTW, I still believe in Santa, too. If you don't believe, he won't leave you anything. That's what I always told Jeffrey and Patrick. Saved a lot of explaining. So glad y'all were able to enjoy this day before the fires started! Still praying for the firefighters to get a handle on them and for rain.

Sarah said...

What a fun time! We havn't taken the kids there yet-looks like we will add it to our list (when the fires go away!)

The Camouflage Sunflower said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I love how you put all your pictures in a scrapbook form. My boys did the tilt a whirl at Elitch a few months ago. They wanted to go for the record of how many times it could be risen in a row. The record was 27, my boys did 11. I did 1 and thought I would puke!! I just can't stand to go around in circles and spin too.