Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, July 2, 2012

Eggs!!!!! - Chicken Update!!

The white egg was the first we found- and was really small!

One day last week we found an egg in the backyard- it was small and white, so we felt like it was most likely from our Ancona (Oreo) because she is the only chicken we have that will lay white eggs. The next day we found a small brown egg in their run and thought another chicken was now laying. Each day since we have found only a small brown egg. So we are assuming for whatever reason maybe our mystery layer first layed a white egg. Upon research it still seems likely Oreo layed a random egg and none since.

Jeff threw together some nesting boxes to attach to the coop quickly because we didn't expect laying to start until mid-July based on their ages. We finally figured out who our mystery brown egg layer was- Sally our Rhode Island Red. She has given us a small egg every day for a week now. They are so small, but I read they will continue to get bigger. And she uses the nesting box now!!

Jeff cooked up 5 of Sally's eggs this morning for the kids to have for breakfast- Sadie said, "Mommy, Sally's eggs make me thirsty!" We cannot wait to have more eggs and hopefully be able to sell them to friends and family - otherwise we will be drowning in eggs as we are estimating to get 5 per day when all 5 are laying...that's about 150 eggs per month give or take!!! We do go through 60 or so a month- and I may be getting creative with egg based meals!!!

Enjoy some pictures of the kids and the chickens!!

Looking for an egg!! This is the most exciting part- even I run to see !!

There it is!! (we had just got home from church!)

Hallie holding her chicken Sally- our layer!! Sadie just had to be in the pic too!!

Ethel in front, then Lucy and Sally

They all like to be together!

Sally and Oreo in the background. Colby is clapping for Oreo- she comes to him when he does.

This is Kit!


Sarah said...

I would totally buy eggs from you! Though we go through close to eight dozen a month....
How exciting!

Patricia said...

So love this post. Wish we were close enough to buy some eggs from you.