Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stick with it Saturday

Oh what a better week this was!!! The heat has been a little more bearable and is now tapering off for a few days and our fire is 95% contained- praise the Lord. So I have made workouts more of a priority this past week and Im doing good. I decided to do The Biggest Loser bootcamp workout video and the day after my first day doing it I could barely move...so I know it worked! It was sad really- I was hobbling around like an old person and don't even get me started about trying to sit on a toilet, let alone get up from said toilet!!

I have also tried to eat better- THIS IS REALLY HARD!!!! I love food- especially carbs! So I have tried to stay away from breads and sweets...I didn't really follow this plan on the 4th because we were at a friends house and she made some really yummy cookies!!!

Here is a list of my workouts for the past week- I haven't gotten to the library yet to weigh in..I am hoping for some encouraging news though!! I will update this post after we go later today!

Monday- BL Bootcamp DVD- 30 min
Tuesday- Elliptical + 200 crunches- 45 min
Wednesday- BL Bootcamp DVD- 30 min
Thursday- Elliptical + 200 crunches- 45 min
Friday- BL Bootcamp DVD- 30 min
Saturday- Elliptical + 200 crunches- 45 min

I am hoping next week to starting seeing & feeling results. I am also going to try to find better/healthier snacks and choices so I don't feel like I am starving to death all the time or overeating!!

How did you do this week?!?


Mrs. and Mama K said...

Here's a great post on protein snacks for after a workout: http://www.kitchenstewardship.com/2012/05/23/whole-food-protein-sources-after-a-workout-during-pregnancy-brain-boosters/. I love her blog...all healthy and frugal!

Sara said...

Awesome- thank you- I will check it out!!