Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The kids basketball season has come to an end!! They had so much fun this year and did so good!!

Hallie was on the Spurs team for the K-1 group. She was a trooper this year, she wasn't having much fun at first and I finally figured out it was because she was the only girl on her team. We talked about it and she said she will play next year if she has another girl on her team; hopefully we can get something worked out. She was not only the only girl but was the tallest on her team and she is really good. She has tons of coordination for it and is a natural. She would always say "Pass" in the sweetest little voice hoping one of the boys would pass it to her- and they usually did cause well, who can resist that!!

Colby was a Hornet this year for 2-3 grades. He improved a lot over the season- he got really good at dribbling and moving faster from one side of the court to the other. And making those shots from further away and while someone is blocking him. He made a few baskets each game. His team lost their first 4 games, but won the last 4- so I would say that's a lot of improving going on!!! Colby made a good friend in the girl on his team, Meadow. They usually sat out together and I would watch them on the bench chatting it up and laughing. And when they were on the court they would do a good job passing and shooting together, it was fun to watch. I would ask him after the game what they were talking about and he would say nothing...making Jeff and I crack up. They did discuss her Nintendo DS quite a bit. He decided he really wants one. I told him he could have one if he could buy it himself. I asked him if he wanted money for his upcoming birthday to go towards his DS, he said yes. He won't find out till his birthday but we found him a nice used one on Ebay instead of giving him money. He will be thrilled to be able to use all his other birthday money for games instead! (I cannot believe next year he will be in the older group of teams for 4-6th grade- sad for this mama!!)

Ok, so enough rambling...here are some pictures from the season- hope you enjoy!! (Colby and Hallie were both the number 11.)

Im sure right here she was saying, "pass"

The Spurs
Trying to get a nice picture of my son...

still a no...


The Hornets

Colby and Meadow

Eating snack and getting their stars for the week.

And this sweet little thing is soooo excited because next year she will finally get to play!!

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