Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Fun! - Santa's Workshop

Last month we went and visited a small amusement park we have nearby called Santa's Workshop. The kids always have so much fun there. Colby is starting to outgrow a lot of it, but it also starting to enjoy some of the big kid rides, ones that even Mommy and Daddy won't ride. I'm glad he doesn't have a fear of them. Tilt a Whirl is his favorite! The girls had a good time too- especially getting to go on rides with their Grammy. Here are some pictures from our fun day!!

On the Sky Ride

My sky ride buddy

The bug ride.

She is just about too big for this one!

The Candy Cane Coaster- the girly did not like it!

They always have to touch the cold North Pole. (Actually I discouraged them because the kids before us were licking it, so the older two opted out!)

His favorite, the Tilt a Whirl- he rode it twice (by himself)

Candy Cane Slide

He only went down once- it was boring.

The 5 yr old loved it!

Serious driver

Crazy boy

Grammy and Hallie

Sadie had to have a turn with daddy too.

Himalaya ride- the girl tried to be brave but gave the thumbs down half way through and got off. The boy LOVED it!

Daddy took one for the team and went on this with Colby- Mommy usually goes but couldn't this year.

Happy boy. (Its a good thing you cant see daddy's face)

On the train, wearing motion sickness bands. Poor girly.

The Magic Show.

Colby always wants to participate. They have a new magician- he wasn't as good as the old one.

Chatting with Santa!

More driving!

Daddy and Sadie on the Candy Coaster- she liked it!

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