Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Santa's Workshop (Part 2)

While we were at Santa's Workshop the first time this summer, Hallie decided to ask Santa for a pet baby bunny- before she finished her conversation, Santa told her that a lot of little girls have been asking for bunnies this year and he just hopes that the little girls don't cut the bunny's feet off and make good luck charms out of them. OMG!!!! My sister-in-law and I were in disbelief and all the kids seemed somewhat horrified by this comment- as they should have been. When we got home we emailed Santa's Workshop and told them what had happened and what Santa said- he was also quite chatty telling my sister-in-law not to let her kids get dehydrated while visiting, and went on about that. Anyways, one of the managers emailed back and was very apologetic and said sometimes when they aren't busy Santa can get chatty but there was no excuse for what he said to my daughter. He assured us they would be talking to him and letting him know that his job will be on the line if anything like that were to happen again. They also let us come back for free since we had a bad experience. Since our company had to go home we decided to take Grammy and Papa along- seniors get in free everyday! Its great having Grammy and Papa come along, especially because they go on the rides with the kids!! Here are some pictures from this fun day!

Big boy!

Someone forgot to tell Papa he is too big for this ride.

Small Ferris Wheel

Hallie kept falling on Sadie so she was trying to hold on tight to the other side.

Trying to get everyone situated.

Henry thought he was a big boy driving this car!

Colby suffered with his long legs to be able to ride this with his baby brother.

Cute girl.

Barely made the cut off for this, so her last year riding the boats.

Daddy and his girls on the Ferris Wheel

Colby & Grammy on the Ferris Wheel

Grammy & Sadie on the zipline.

Grammy was nervous! I have the after picture, but I might be disowned if I were to post it on here!

On the train ride.

We thought they looked like a little married couple! HA!

Being goofy with Grammy.


The Camouflage Sunflower said...

I like that your dad was strapped in on the merry go round! Glad you had a fun visit.

Sara said...

Lol ya guess he wanted to make sure he didn't fall off...ha ha