Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pagosa Springs- Spring Break trip days 3-4

After the eventful start to our trip the rest was very relaxing and just fun. Lots of pictures of the kids playing, going in the hot pool, hanging out, doing some crafts and playing in the game room. We had great weather every day so we enjoyed taking some walks, playing on the playground and the kids tried their hand at some tennis. Enjoy the pictures.

Locked up

A bunch of floating heads

"Help!! Sister is getting me!"

Handsome boy

Pretty lady

More cuteness

Trying to hide from his mama


Being silly

Pretty girl

So cold!!

He loved climbing on and off of the coffee table, it was his jungle gym.

I have my hat on mommy, lets go.

Staying with his buddy.

"Look sister!!"

"Here are some more rocks, daddy."

Tracing the pictures on their bags.

Coloring in the pictures

They worked so hard.

And did a great job.

Game time.

Sadie was an air hockey shark...she is really good.

Playing in the baby pool.

It was cold.

Look daddy!!

Crazy girls.

In the hot tub.

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Patricia Dunn said...

Glad after a shaky start everything went so well and y'all had so much fun!