Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow Storm

We have been cooped up in our house for 4 days now...My husband, who is a teacher, has had 3 snow days in a row. We have continued on with life as usual; with him home as a bonus. We are however really happy that we are getting out of the house tomorrow..not sure what we are going to do, but it will involve leaving the house. We got upwards of 20" of snow and more accumulation in snow drifts. The whole town was pretty much shut down for 2-3 days. My hubby had to shovel out the driveway and shovel a path to our chickens. Today the kids enjoyed playing in it some, it was so cold out they didn't stay out too long. We also tried our hand at making snow ice cream, they seemed to like it.
Pikes Peak

Our driveway

Everyone just starting to explore.


Light Saber fighting.

Pretty in pink.

Helping her little brother. He kept getting stuck.

Pretty almost 10 year old.

Trying to get him to the other side of the yard.

Oh how I love these 4!!!


Snow, everywhere!!

Trying out the sled.

Big sisters turn.

That was fun!

When you have never done it before, even the smallest hill is scary!

So fun to fall down!!

He loved tromping through the snow.


My handsome big boy!

Girls being silly.

Not sure what us happening here.

Charlie likes the snow.

Snow Ice cream is yummy!!

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Patricia Dunn said...

So glad you shared the pictures. It is so much fun seeing them having so much fun. Glad they were able to enjoy it. When their daddy was little (4 - 5) he loved playing in the snow. He would come in wet and cold, warm up, and then want to go back out in dry clothes. Loved it! Love y'all.