Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, January 23, 2012

Root Canals & Making Cookies!

So today was kind of a crappy day. Last night I felt a weird bump on my gums above my front tooth and because I was cursed with the worst teeth ever I immediately knew there was a problem. I called the dentist this morning cause I wanted to get it checked out ASAP. I am going for a filling and cleaning next week but couldn't wait that long cause I needed to know what the heck it was. At first he thought it was a random canker sore, cause the tooth its above doesn't hurt at all. Then he took an x-ray. And he said, "Interesting". I knew then it wouldn't be a good outcome! He said it appeared to be infected. And the tooth had darkened some, so he assumed it had died and that is why it didn't hurt me. He asked if I had ever injured it. I said well when I was 5 I fell off my bike and chipped it on the sidewalk. He said that probably over time because of that injury it had just died. LOVELY! Really?!?? So for the last 27 years, because of some stupid bike incident I have to now get ANOTHER root canal?!? UGH. I think this might be root canal #10. I have seriously awful teeth. I brush, I floss, I don't drink soda, I don't rarely eat candy...but still I have teeth problems. So for now I have an appt for a root canal on Valentines Day. I am trying to get a sooner one, and hope I do...cause that's not my idea of a good VDay! Oh and to add pain to the problem after my RC I will have maxed out my dental insurance for the year...that just started 23 days ago...UGH!

A good part of the day was that Miss H and I made cookies!! She was begging all day to make cookies with me...I needed to workout but with the tooth mess, I lost my ambition for that today!! So we made snickerdoodles and they are YUMMY!!

Ok, thanks for listening!



Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about your latest dental situation. Hopefully the dentist will have a cancellation so you can get in sooner than Feb the 14th. You know I feel for you more than anyone else can. Glad you and Miss H had fun making cookies.

Sarah said...

Oh bummer Sara! Root Canals are no fun! Hope you get healed up quick...