Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 in 30 update

I suppose its about time to update my progress on the 3 in 30 for February. Its going good I think. Considering I was sick for the first few days of it, I have done decently.

*The laundry things is going good- not perfect- but good. I get 2 loads ran each day, but sometimes I am so pooped, that to go downstairs and get the last load out and put away is daunting for me. Sad, I know. However, in the mornings when I am down there homeschooling I am able to quickly get laundry switched and all is well!

*The house chores are going pretty good. I am slowly doing small things as well as the normal everyday house picking up. Like cleaning out the fridge and freezer, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and throwing away expired food. However, I am hoping to do better. Although now that I am trying to keep everything more tidy, the kids seem to drive me to a point of insanity when I constantly have to say "pick that up"  "put that away"..."didn't you see I just cleaned that all up?!?"

*Little projects around the house- well....so far I have had my dad run to Lowe's for me to get some things we have been needing like a new furnace filter and a new light-bulb for a big light downstairs. So far that's it. The biggest project I have is some painting in the kitchen, so hopefully we can get started on that soon.

Alright- hopefully next week I can be telling you about all the things I have been getting done!!!! Of course we have 1 sick kiddo right now, and there is no telling who will be next; which could just throw a wrench in everything!


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