Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Friday, February 3, 2012

BEST& Easiest Homemade Cinnamon Rolls EVER!

My friend Jennifer from high school posted her cinnamon roll recipe on Facebook a while back and I decided to give it a whirl. After a failed first batch, I tried again and they are TO DIE FOR!!! So I am going to post it here for all to enjoy because I have gotten many requests for the recipe. First of all you need a bread maker. I got mine second hand from my friend Alicia (thanks again).

First you spray your pan with non-stick spray, then add the ingredients in the order written.
- 2 eggs
- 1 C warm milk
- 1/3 C melted butter
- 1 t salt
- 1/2 C sugar
- 4 1/2 C flour

Make a small indent in the flour and put the yeast in it so it is not touching any other ingredients except the flour.
- 2 1/2 t yeast
Put pan in the bread maker and set on dough cycle. Mine takes an hour and a half to knead and rise.
(Tip: I use REAL butter, real sugar & white flour- when I make yummy things I want them to taste as good as possible and I have found that only happens when I use the REAL stuff!!)
So here is a picture of the dough after it has gone through the bread maker:

Turn it onto a floured surface (make sure you have lots of room- I use my kitchen table).
Roll the dough into a rectangle approx. 16" x 21" with a thickness of 1/4".
Spread 1/3 cup of soft butter over the top of all of the dough.
Combine 1 C brown sugar with 2 T cinnamon in a bowl and spread that on top of the butter.

Then roll up the dough & cut it into 12 equal pieces.

Spray a 9 x 13 pan with non stick spray and place the cinnamon rolls in the pan.

Place in the oven for 25 min at 375*.  Make sure the tops are really golden brown, if they are not they may still be doughy in the middle. If they don't seem to be done at 25 min then just watch them for a few minutes longer, it shouldn't take more then 30 minutes.

Add icing after they have cooled for about 15 min.


-4 oz. cream cheese ( I soften mine in the microwave for about 20-30 sec)
-1 1/2 C powdered sugar
-1/2 t vanilla
-1/8 t salt
Mix all of that together and pour over top of cinnamon rolls. 

(I bake mine the night before we will eat them for breakfast and just cover the top in foil. Then in the morning I pop them in the microwave for about 2-3 min, then make & add the icing)




Vanessa_Renee said...

Today is a girl day with Brook and we are so making these! Thanks!

Rene Scott said...

Now we are in the mood for cinnamon rolls! One thing I like to do sometimes is to make them more of a caramel roll. If you put brown sugar and cinnamon in the bottom of your pan before the rolls go in then pour cream or half & half on them before putting them in the oven. The cream mixes with the sugar to make a yummy caramel. You flip them out and then no frosting needed! A favorite from my childhood!

Sarah said...

Those look yummy Sara! Glad you're feeling up to baking!

The Camouflage Sunflower said...

These are amazing! Wish I had a bread maker.