Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Phone Dump!

Well I missed last Friday's phone dump- so here are pics from the last 2 weeks. We went out for Ice Cream, went to a birthday party for one of Miss S's  friends, went to Lowes, Drifters, had guitar lessons...LOTS and LOTS of fun!!! Miss H is loving to read the American Girl books, we found the Kit book at Goodwill & she got the Ruthie book with her doll- I love how much my kiddos are into reading! And I love homeschooling; cause how cool is it to do your school work on the brand spankin new comfy couch!!! Miss S got a new outfit last weekend so she needed to wear it to church and get her picture taken..cause she is adorable like that! ENJOY!

This is not a picture from my phone, but from my sister in laws...This little guy is my new little nephew that was born this week!!! His name is Mr. T!!!


Sarah said...

Your kids are so stylish! (just like their pretty momma!)

Love the new sofa.

Who's taking guitar? We are starting (finally) piano lessons this week.

Sara said...

C is learning the guitar from Mr. J!!
They will love them- Miss H has learned so much already!