Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Phone Dump!

I think I will no longer call this Friday phone dump- cause well I can't ever get them on here on Fridays!!

We had a fun week! School was back in session after a lovely, fun filled Spring Break...on Tuesday however Mr. J had a snow day and got to stay home with us!! (We like it when he is home!)
Highlight of  my week has been to be able to send the kids out back to play without me with them at all times because we now have a 6ft fence around our yard! I try to stay in the kitchen where I can still see them out the window though. They have enjoyed this freedom as much as I have!

The kiddos last Sunday before church.

My silly girls & my boy getting to hold Sparky at Awana's.

We are enjoying our chickens so much!!! The kids are loving having them as pets. (yes I said pets!!)
They make us laugh all the time, and we enjoy opening their coop and letting them out in their run every morning. When we had wind/snow beginning of the week, we had to staple some trash bags over their windows to keep them warm. I worried about them way more then I should have, but thats just me!!

Fun with the chickens & Mr. C feeding our cat Emma some treats!

 Latest Picture of the coop- its not finished yet, but almost!!!

Side Note:
I was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism - I knew something was wrong with me as I have been struggling with life in a few areas. After 3 blood tests it was confirmed I have Hypothyroid. I will be on meds the rest of my life most likely. I have to go in for blood work every 4 weeks to make sure my levels are normal and my meds are at the right dosage. After 5 weeks on them I can tell a difference in how I feel & act. Its great to feel normal again. Plus I didn't realize I was feeling so bad, till I finally felt good again!


Sarah said...

What a fun week you had! I bet that having the chickens will be great for lots of reasons.

Sorry to hear about the hypothyroidism, but glad you are feeling better!

Vanessa_Renee said...

That is a huge coop. My chicken is very jealous. Glad the kids are having a blast!

Rene Scott said...

Love all your pics!! Been a little behind on reading the posts and just saw your note about Hypothyroid. Glad they figured out what was wrong and that you are feeling much better!