Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Learning to Swim...

My kids all have a fear of water on their faces. I have heard it runs in the family;  As a child I too had the same fear...and I dropped out of swimming lessons. I am not ashamed to say I finally learned to swim in the 9th grade during PE class in high school. I am glad I learned, and happy my kids will be able to learn at a younger age. I want them to be able to enjoy water and having fun in it. Last summer Miss H was terrified to go into the pool on our vacation. She wouldn't get off the steps, or even think about going in with me or Mr. J holding her. I wanted to make sure they are more comfortable in the water this summer...and group lessons are out for my kids because I think they would be traumatized by sitting on the side while each child got 5 minutes of lessons each day. So we asked both set of grandparents to help out paying for private lessons and being the wonderful grandparents that they are said they would be glad to help out. We decided to go with Donna's Dolphins as we have heard great things about their program from many people. They have a homeschool PE class that we hope to try out next year- but you can't participate unless you have gone through their 10 class private lessons. So they are all signed up and Mr. C and Miss H have both had their evaluation lesson and did great. No tears!!! Yay!! They had a blast and I am so excited to see how much improvement they will make in the next few weeks. Here are some pictures from their first lessons. At the end of each lesson the kids get to choose something fun to do- both my kids chose to ride around in the canoe- too cute!!!! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Love the pictures! The canoe looks like so much fun. I didn't help the gene pool any because I didn't really learn to swim until college when I had to either pass the swimming test or take a semester course. The first thing you had to do for the test was jump in the deep in and tread water. I couldn't tread water. I am still nervous when the water is over my head but I did learn to swim on my back and do that most of the time. Glad they are having a good time. Next summer Miss S.

Sara said...

Ha ha, yes between the both of us they were doomed!!! We are thinking maybe about getting Miss S in late summer early fall when the swim place schedule opens up more..just so she is comfortable earlier then the other 2 were. She is my daredevil so I think she will do great pretty quick!