Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, May 28, 2012

Phone Dump!!

Some recent photos of the kiddos!!! Miss S's flip flops broke the other day and yesterday she INSISTED I take her to the mall to get her new sparkly ones...I said, "can we go to Target?" (much closer) She said," No..THE MALL!!" So off we went to the Children's Place to buy some new flip flops- seen in the picture below. After that we went to what my kids call the silly store- its a game store. She needed to play with the car on the track. She played with it for a minute and some big boys came up and one who was probably 8 or 9 looked like he was going to yank it from her hand but didn't. He then asked me if she was playing with it (she was obviously playing with it, so this was a lame question) I said yes she is. And he walked away. Then his brother (maybe 7) walked up to her and put his hand out like he was going to take the car from her and then looked at me and walked away. I was all ready to yank it from his hand if he had taken it from her. And I must clarify she had just started playing with it, we were in no way hogging the toy. The whole situation had me appalled because their parents were standing right there and my child is obviously much smaller then them. OK. Rant over. Other then that we had a pleasant time at the mall. Yesterday morning I woke up to her peacefully sleeping next to me and had to snap a picture!! And we took a walk last night..she seemed so big to me!! And she should cause she is going into Pre-K!!! **tear**

We have been enjoying the nice warm weather of our early summer already. The kids have enjoyed playing in the water a lot! We borrowed a small pool from my parents that the big kids wanted to practice putting their faces in the water in. They hadn't taken into account how cold it was going to be. They were all equipped with their goggles but couldn't get it done- they tried though!

Goggles READY!
Dancing around. Mr. C gets his dancing skills from his daddy.
Their one brave moment!

And we have made a few too many trips to this place for their Happy Hour- Its my new Starbucks!! You can't beat half price slushies and sodas!!

(that's Sonic for those of you not addicted)

Miss H has become our chicken whisperer....she loves spending time outside with them. This is where I found her one day last week. I think she had Oreo in a trance, she was all sprawled out on Miss H so relaxed from all the petting!

Just so you know we are normal people... here we have a classic scene from our morning's for the summer....dry cereal on the living room floor and staring at the TV!!! HAPPY SUMMER!!!


Patricia said...

LOVE all of the pictures. Got a good laugh at some of your comments. lol. Looking forward to spending time w/everyone later in June.

BearBear said...

Normal! pssshhh! Haha just kidding! Love all the pix and your chickens are so cool! xxxx Karen