Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Field Trip: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Last week when Jeff's parents were visiting we took a trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science since we had never been there before. I have heard a lot of good things about it so thought it would be something fun we could all do together. Right now they have a Snakes & Lizards display going on in one of the parts of the museum, so the kids were excited about that. We also saw the Space display which was pretty hands on- we saw an astronaut on Mars and learned a little about the climate on Mars, Colby and Hallie got to try driving a remote control rover and we got to see where on our bodies had the most body heat!! (I think our tongues might have won)

The kids & I were sticking out our tongues!

We also saw another section of the museum which had a lot of displays showing animals (stuffed ones) from different areas of the world and their habitat's. Colby was pretty intrigued when he saw a wolverine and it wasn't a member of the X-men!!! I made sure to tease him asking if it was the same one- he wasn't amused!!

This is my one picture to prove I was there!!

Next we had lunch at their amazing cafeteria style buffet! Their prices were very affordable and the food was great! After that we went and played in the children's area. The kids had a blast playing with big microscopes, wind tunnels, finding dinosaur bones and playing in front of trick mirrors. Colby had me cracking up till I was crying when he was looking in one that made him REALLY short looking- he was dancing around singing and it just looked too real!

After that Jeff and I took the kids to the Snakes & Lizards display. It was pretty fun! They were all live animals in glass cases, there were a few interacting things like feeling the skin of a snake and looking for information about snakes. The kids moved pretty quickly looking at all of them. Sadie found the Gila Monster's and was intrigued by them- and one was intrigued by her. At first she was just looking at them, then the one came right to the glass and they were having a stare down!! It was so funny. Then when I went to take a picture they both looked at the camera! Hilarious!! Here are the pictures I got of that fun encounter!!

Stare Down!!

So cute!!

This snake was so friendly as well! He came to look at everyone that was looking at him!!
Learning about snakes!

Next we saw the Egyptian display and the Dinosaur display- they were both very fun. The Egyptian display wasn't very big, but the Dinosaur one was. The kids had a good time learning new things at both.

What is that?!?


The loves of my life!!!

This boy is growing like a weed! Gonna be as tall as me by next year I think!

Getting so big too!!

Believe it or not she is growing too!! (Her hair is a little worse for the wear!)

After that we swung by the gift shop and let the kids pick out a small souvenir- very exciting!! After that we loaded up in the car to head home. We hit a lot of traffic and had a little one who needed to stop to go to the bathroom about 10 times...but we finally made it home and can't wait to go back again soon!!!


Sarah said...

We love that museum and have a membership so if you ever want to meet there for a fun "Homeschool" field trip please call me! That would be fun! I love that picture of your littlest one and the lizard-too cute!

Patricia said...

Great pictures...the ones I saw...Had Wayne scroll down for me when I figured it was about time for a special one. It was a fun day and I am glad we went.

Full Time Mama said...

SO neat! Looks like there is SO much to do there! A few things look similar to our Science Museum, but you've got so many other cool things!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Delicious Dish Tuesday today! :)