Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Saturday, June 9, 2012

How we saved $80 and had marshmallow fun!!!

We went to Lowes last week to get a couple things for our garden. While there we wandered into the fire pit section. We have been wanting one for a while, but were waiting till the kids were a little older. Which they are. We found a pretty basic one for about $80. We knew we couldn't get it right away, we would have to wait until pay-day. (Mr. only gets paid once a month- which is REALLY HARD) So we decided after pay-day we would go get it so we could enjoy it all summer long. One of our favorite things to do when camping is sit by the fire and just relax and be still. (and roast marshmallows!) About 2 days later my mom was yard-saleing (not a word, I know!!) and she text me a picture of a fire-pit that was almost JUST LIKE the one we wanted from Lowes...I said how much?? She said 10 bucks...I said oh ya!! So, she bought it for us!!! (perk of having a yard-saleling mother!) So, so, so happy we are able to have this to make memories with our kiddos!!! One night last week we broke it out and fired it up- literally!!....here are some pictures of our fun evening together!

LOADS of fun!!!!!!!
Ready for the campfire!
Still smiling- even with a double ear infection!
This is one sweet girly- and I love her bunches!
The boys!
Another sweet one!!
bring it on!!!!
So fun!
Such a boy!
She eats marshmallows beautifully, doesn't she??
She shoved it all in there!!!
Pay no attention to this picture....

The kids needed a picture of mommy roasting one!

And daddy...

These 2 are 2 peas in a pod!! So much a like...they were pretending to steal marshmallows!

Little stinkers!!!


Patricia said...

What fun! Hopefully we can enjoy it when we visit! Wayne threw our wood down the ditchbank because Patrick didn't need it. He said he would have to put on long pants and boots and see if he could get any of it.

Sara said...

Well tell him to get to it!!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh what fun Sara! We inherited a fire pit this spring and have loved it! What great memories for your family.

Patricia said...

The wood is in the truck.

Em said...

You know what's funny, we have the same Kraft Jet puffed marshmallows but they don't say 'america's favorite' on them. Enjoy the memory making this summer.

Sara said...

Too funny Em!!!! Guess that would look weird for you guys to have yours say that!!