Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Phone Dump!

We have already been having a really fun summer break! We have tried to get out and do some things and just have a fun relaxing time at home.

The library was having a summer kick-off for their reading program last Friday; they had a clown of sorts there doing tricks and being funny. Mr. C laughed so hard he had me in tears laughing at him being so tickled by all the funny things the guy was doing. I was so happy we decided to go- even though big crowd events are a bit out of my comfort zone. One of Miss. S's preschool friends was there so she came and sat by Miss S. and they had a grand time watching the show. We just signed up for the reading program on Friday and Mr. C has just about completed everything but the extra credit. He LOVES to read...he is currently enjoying Encyclopedia Brown books!!  Miss H has been doing some reading too..but not quite as diligently!

COLORING! All 3 kids are super into coloring right now- we had to go to the $Tree to buy more coloring books because all the girl ones were completely filled- and now we have almost 2 more that are completely filled so I am sure we will be buying more soon! They will sit and color for hours literally! Miss H is getting to be such a good colorer (is this a word??)  and I think it is her goal to be the best!!
We made a trip to Lowes the other night- and what trip to Lowes would be complete without sitting on riding lawnmowers!!! Its a a MUST for these kids!! They also have spent quite a bit of time practicing putting their heads in the water in the bathtub! Mr. C needs lots of practice- he has no rhyme or reason as to why he is scared- he just is. He did a great job at his last lesson with the floating though!

Not sure why the Strawberry Shortcake character has bleeding eyes...a bit disturbing!

We hit up YoYogurt on Memorial Day and boy was it yummy!!! We will be visiting them A LOT this summer!!
This was before i sheared these boys heads!!

And lastly we enjoyed a fun Friday night pizza dinner at our favorite pizza place Fargos! We all love going there- the kids always have a blast.

Miss H was having a problem with the sun!! And why does Mr. C look HUGE in this picture!??

Mr. C played his very first coin operated video game while there!! He couldn't understand why it didn't last very long- I love the innocence!

Hope you all have a great and blessed week!!!


April said...

We shear our boys' head in the summer, too! It's the classic summer look for a boy and I love it! Also love it when kids get the coloring bug-- so many quiet minutes for so little. Also: I think it takes them awhile to realize that pink, while a beautiful and great color, does not translate well to the eyeballs... lol.

Sara said...

Ha ha true!!