Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Phone Dump!!

We are having a very eventful week!! Last weekend we had a fun yard sale...you will see the kids had a lemonade stand in the yard. They had one customer other than their Grammy! We live in a bad neighborhood for having yard sales...even though we did decently; we just didn't have that many people coming by. The kids wanted to give the lemonade away for free...so we thought that was a great idea. (My kiddos are such blessings!) I wish we had more people come by just to see how giving they are! Their one customer tipped them $2.80 for 2 small cups of lemonade!! (they were grandparents- you could tell by the fact that they gave them almost $3 for 2 measly little cups of lemonade!)
Grammy was their first customer!

We decided to use our yard sale money for fun summer money. We will use it for special outings or day trips- to go hiking, or swimming..or out for ice cream! Which is what we did later that same HOT day! We have a fun little ice cream place in our neighborhood called the Drive-In. They have soft serve and all the fried foods you can imagine!! We stuck with soft serve- Yummmmmmy!!!!

We made our own pizzas for dinner the other night. So.Much.Fun!! The kids had a blast putting them together and waiting patiently while they baked... then of course eating them!

My cousin Renee came to visit this week!! She has known me longer then any other friend - she is always a blast to be around but she is such a busy lady- she is a Dr....but not just any Dr...a missionary Dr. ... she is great at what she does and is so appreciated! She lives in Honduras but has been in the states for a couple months and decided to swing by before heading back home- AND to pick up her mail! We are so glad she did! We went on a short hike in Rock Ledge Ranch. (a historical site & city park) We made smore's with her and laughed with her! Later that evening just her and I got to go out and get pedicures..first pedicure I have had in 5 years!! As we were leaving, Sadie was crying at the front door...I don't leave without the kids very often! I was sad when Renee had to leave- but I know she will be back! I will have more mail for her to come get!

They were so excited to feed the chickens...cause you know they never see chickens!

Little Miss Nosey!

My loves!

Working hard.


This is Renee----say Hi Renee!!

Pedicures!! This was an adventure! We had cheese graters- karate chop leg massages...and possessed massage chairs..all in all a very fun time!

Now we have more company- Jeff's parents are in town visiting- so I am sure I will be updating with more pictures of summer fun adventures!


BearBear said...

Looks like fun Mrs. S!! :) Your kids are getting SO big! I remember when Mr. C was just a lil guy. I'd love to get together sometime this summer and hang out. I'll be in touch!!

Em said...

Hi there Sara,
Just stopping in to say HI from your old hang out ;) I'll follow along here and get to know you. The garage sale (and ice cream)looks like it was fun! Still hoping for you, and me.

Have a great summer.