Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camping in South Dakota- Day 1

We got up early on Sunday morning and loaded up the van for our road trip. We left the house at 630am and everyone was happy and excited.

Eating breakfast

We have a 4 year old who thinks she needs to go to the bathroom a lot and who likes to ask when we will be there A LOT! So it was a long drive! We made it in 8 hours including stops. And had to start right away at getting things set up to get ready to make dinner and for bedtime.

We are thankful for friends from church who loaned us their big tent so we wouldn't have to buy one. It worked out wonderfully. We had a mama turkey and her babies sleeping in a tree right behind our camping spot. Poultry loves us!! Every night we saw her waddle over to the side of the hill with all her babies following, and she would fly into the tree and they would follow- one by one. There were 6 babies. We brought home oodles of wild turkey feathers.

I made Sausage in a Garden for dinner- BEST camping meal...this couldn't have been an easier meal to make while camping!!

We took a walk after dinner and checked out the sites. Found an old wagon and some rocks to climb on...and a pretty bridge where I tried to get some good shots of Miss Hallie! We also tried our hand at taking our own picture...not too shabby.

A little bunny got in the picture too!

I couldn't pick a favorite!

And after our walk we layzed around the campsite and the kiddoes played make believe..not sure what they were playing but they were having a wonderful time!!

Then the little one decided to be silly!!

And then it was bedtime!!!! Everyone slept super great cause they were exhausted!

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