Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Love Story...Part 1

 Long, Long Ago...in a village far away there lived a princess...j/k...(well maybe not)...

I grew up in Southern California and had just finished up my first semester at the junior college- which I bombed!!! You actually had to study and work at college...who knew??!! I was 19 and had dated a few guys in high school- nothing serious, just casual dating. I knew though that I hated dating..I just wanted to fall in love, get married and have lots of babies!! I was pretty strong in my Christian faith, and decided I would ask the Lord to only send me my husband because this dating stuff was for the birds! So I strayed away from seeking out men and just did my work and school thing.

I was still living at home (perk of Junior College) and a friend called and said her and some other people were going to Disneyland soon (one of the people was a guy I had dated) and wanted me to come along cause he might still be interested and it would be fun! I decided I was up for it- who knows maybe it should have been something more serious! My friend was going to spend the night and we were going to wake up early and head out. I had to get something out of the garage that was high on a shelf - I went out barefoot- and as I was getting this thing (I don't remember what I was getting) a plastic boot that my mom had worn on her leg when she broke her ankle fell and hit my foot. (ironic?) Immediately my big toe is spewing blood...like straight up in the air..all over the place. I get it under control before I pass out- I pass out very easily! It is decided there is no way I can walk around Disneyland. I am super bummed, like REALLY bummed out and crying. Disneyland is fun even at 19 and even after you have been a million times, so I was so sad not to get to go.

In my mopyiness I decide to get online (this was 14 years ago- not much available so when I say online it was AOL) my screen name was ShopChic5- (I don't exist on AOL anymore so don't go looking) I am browsing around- not really sure what exactly I was doing; when I get an instant message from a Jeffrey330...what a nice guy he was!! We chatted for a while and I asked how he found me- he said he searched for girls in our small town that were Christians and had the same birthday as him...I didn't believe him on the same birthday thing!! And we chatted for a few days online only finding out we had A LOT in common; both our mom's were teachers, we both were going to school to be teachers, we lived a few blocks from each other but had never met,we knew a lot of the same people, we went to the same high school just at different times and LOTS more!! He kept teasing me saying when are we gonna meet- and there was NO WAY I was going to meet this guy in real life!!! I did agree that I would call him about a week after he found me online- when we talked our online conversation just seemed to continue- getting to know each other better...and boy did he have a nice voice...it was DREAMY!!!! We would talk for literally hours on the phone- way past bedtime. Then it had been long enough- the boy wanted to MEET the girl!!!! I finally agreed....


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