Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our first visit to Mt. Rushmore

On our camping trip a of couple weeks ago, one of the main things we wanted to experience was going to Mt. Rushmore. Jeff and I had never been before and of course neither had the kids. We decided to go on our first full day in South Dakota- to be honest I was afraid someone was going to get sick and we wouldn't be able to go!

It was quite a drive through Custer State Park to get to Mt. Rushmore...we went around the mountain roads and through a few one lane tunnels! We finally got to a point where we could see it in the distance and it was fun to see it getting closer and closer!

The middle picture is our view while in a tunnel.

We finally got there and were pleased that they only charged $11 to go in and see it. Our first view was gorgeous of the Mountain and the flags of all 50 states blowing below them.

As we began walking to see what we could see we realized with the concrete everywhere and the sun shining bright, it was really hard to see without sunglasses. The girls left theirs back at the campsite, so we were trying to make sure their eyes didn't hurt.

Everyone was a little bit grouchy at this point so we decided to go back to the car and make some sandwiches and have lunch. They needed some protein big time!!

When we went back in we walked around on Mt. Rushmore trail. Our first stop was some American Indian Tee Pees and Indian artifacts- this is way up my kids' alley! They had to go in and out and around and touch and ask questions!

I love the picture of Colby on the left- it was so SUNNY!

This picture above was one taken through a couple of rocks..there was a line to look at something so we joined the crowd and went in to what looked like a cave and saw what the fuss was about. Kinda neat, but not worth standing in a line for.

Colby wanted his picture taken with Mt. Rushmore in the back.

Reading all the history stuff!

Hallie with what Mt. Rushmore was supposed to end up looking like.

More history...

Climbing lots of steps.

Finishing the hike.

We found a cool picture spot.

After this we went and visited the gift shop. Jeff got a big poster for his classroom, I got my smashed penny (I have a collection), we got some playing cards so we had something to do at night, and the kids all got some Mt. Rushmore cups!! Fun was had by all!

We were going to go visit the Crazy Horse memorial, but it was gonna cost quite a bit for all of us to go in and we felt like the kids were still a little young to understand it. We decided to wait till they are older and its a little more complete. There is a long way to go on it! I did snap a picture of it on our way back to the campground. Very cool!

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Patricia said...

What fun! Looks like I had better be in good shape when we eventually get there with all those steps. Was just thinking this am that you needed to share your pictures of Mt. Rushmore.