Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Pirates Cove!

Last week we decided to get away with the kiddos for the day and go to Pirates Cove in Denver. It is a super fun little water park, just big enough for our kids ages right now. They always have so much fun there! They always do a Living Social deal at the beginning of summer so we can get in for half price. This year our 2 big kids were big enough to touch the bottom in all the pools they have so it was a lot less stressful then the last time they went. They are way more comfortable in the water now as well since they have been going to swimming lessons. I took some pictures of our fun- not as many as usual since I didn't want my camera to get wet but I got a few. Enjoy!!

 Lunch time!!!!

 Sadie didn't want to go on the "crazy river" again so me and her watched Jeff take the big kids on it. They had lots of fun!! And towards the end felt comfortable letting go of each other and Jeff!

What a cutie!

This one makes me laugh- cause Jeff looks naked!

The big kids wanted to try to go down one of the big slides- the open slide is pretty slow and the pool they go into is only 3'8"...so I said yes and Sadie and I waited at the bottom. They were not great swimmers at this point so I probably should have said no. Colby went first and when he made it all the way down he was able to walk to the steps and get out. Before Hallie came down I told the lifeguard I was a bit concerned she wouldn't be able to keep her head up...and boy was I right. She came out and her hair was all in her face and she was disoriented a bit. She was blowing her bubbles to keep from swallowing water but was flailing.  I immediately told the lifeguard to go get her- he was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. She amazingly didn't take in any water and wasn't scared. I am so happy she learned to blow her bubbles at swim lessons and happy the lifeguard got her quickly. We did have to fill out an incident report though..oh well!
Colby coming down!

Hallie coming down!



Watching Colby go under water!

This girl is not too fond of the water- but Miss Donna is getting a hold of her soon!

So excited to get under the dump bucket!

After they got soaked!

One last slide!

After we left Pirates Cove we decided to hang out in Denver a little longer so we didn't have to go home to a hot house and smokey air. We hit up the mall and had dinner- yummy!! We got home just in time to get on our pajamas and head down to the basement to sleep!!!

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