Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our 2012-2013 Homeschool Curriculum

This year we are trying some new curriculum for Colby now that he is in 3rd grade- we decided to try Switched on School House which is computer based for History, Science and Bible. I think he is really going to like it and especially love having the freedom to do some work on the computer.

For math he will start the Math U See Gamma book- which will be learning multiplication. He has already grasped the basic concept over the summer of how multiplication works, so I know this is going to be super fun to see how well he does!

Reading and English he will use Rod and Staff again. We LOVE these books. My kids so enjoy reading Bible Stories and that's what these are. Bible stories that teach them about reading and english concepts.

We are still working in the Sequential Spelling book- I love this book and it has really helped Colby gain more confidence in his spelling. Hallie (Hal-e) will start it this year- so I am looking forward to see how well she does too!

Colby will also be learning to write in cursive this year. I know it is not taught anymore in the regular school system- but he will be learning because I feel it is still important to know.

Both kids will do the Art Pac book for Art and various other projects throughout the year.
Hallie will do Rod and Staff for history and Health/Science. I have the 2nd grade books, but they are so basic it will be great for where she is at right now.

She will also do Rod and Staff for Reading and English. She is finishing up the first grade set and will move on to second grade in a month or two.

She is also using Math U See for math- she is half way through the Alpha book and will move on to the Beta book when she is ready.

Not sure yet what Bible curriculum I will use for Hallie- it might just be reading lots of Bible Stories.

I have several read aloud's planned this year as well- I just haven't organized the schedule yet.

Hallie will continue to practice the piano about everyday. I hope she really learns to love it.

For PE/social the kids will be going once a week to a 1 hr homeschool swimming class. I am really excited for them to do this and so are they!!

They will also be attending Wednesday eve Bible classes at church every week, Sunday school, and once a month field trips with friends for some more social interaction. I don't see lack of social interaction as a problem by the way- my kids are very social and get along with any children no matter if they are in their age groups or not.

So there you go, that is where everyone is at this year. I really feel like we are going to have a great year this year and the kids are going to do great!

What kind of things are you using this year??


Sarah said...

Looks like a fun year! It would be fun to do some field trips together. Also, we "Fun Friday" would you guys like to come sometime?

Stefanie said...

Looks like a great year! We are huge MUS fans. Love Mr. Demme.

Popping in from the Blog Hop.

Sara said...

Thanks! Yes Sarah will keep in touch and see if we are available...Fridays I babysit too...so I will have four!