Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our new house!!

I wanted to share a few pictures of our new house with everyone. We are really excited to be getting it and feeling VERY blessed with how everything is turning out. I am only showing you pictures of the outside and our property because the inside is in need of some love. Thankfully we have great imaginations and see lots of potential for it! If you are a good friend who lives around here I'm sure you will be able to come see it before we start the remodel...but otherwise not many will see the before- until we have the after!! We are hoping to get the important stuff finished before we close on our current house which is less then 4 weeks away. A few things I am looking forward to in the new house are a master bathroom because after 11 years of marriage we have never had one. It is small- but it is there! A dining room- we have always had eat-in kitchens. Walk in closets!! A laundry chute! The house is just bigger and has room for us to grow! And lastly- all that land!!! Enjoy the pictures of our farm house!!! (My dream house!)

Our property goes from this white fence to the back white fence...all the way to the other side of the house...see next picture.

To the electrical box on the right!

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