Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, November 19, 2012

A glimpse...

We have been super busy lately!! Hence the no blogging in 3 weeks!!

We all got sick around Halloween time- well everyone but Jeff. I had an ear infection and a horrendous cough. The girls both had croup and ear infections and Colby got a cold and cough but fought it off. Needless to say we had a rough couple weeks.

We are slowly getting the house projects finished. We just got the kitchen counter tops installed and the cabinets refinished. I am trying to find farm-housey decorations for our new home- so slowly but surely it will come together. At this point though I will be decorating for Christmas before I decorate for all the time! I am still unpacking some things- so if you come over and my house is still in disarray DON'T JUDGE! ; P

I don't have a whole lot of time everyday to get things done around the house- I school the kids in the morning, then have to drive into town to take Sadie to pre-k at my mom's preschool...we then stay there and finish school work and either just hang out or run errands in town. We have to stay till about 4:30 because I have to deliver the little gal I babysit that attends pre-k with Sadie to her mom's work before we head home. Then we come home and I have to make dinner, bathe children, clean up and then fall into a heap (usually this means fiddling around on the ipad or watching tv) I am hoping I can keep this up so Sadie can finish prek end of May...after that we will homeschool her for kindergarten and I wont have to go ANYWHERE!! Woo hoo!!!

So there is a little peek into our life and schedule lately. I am looking forward to this week and getting to take it easy a bit. Enjoy time with family and friends and maybe get a date night with my hubby!!!

We had our family pictures taken last week- here are some of the great shots that Annie got!! This is the third year she has taken our photos and I LOVE them every year!!! She is amazing!! If you live in the Springs area and need family pics- get in touch with her cause she ROCKS! Her company is called These Small Hours Photography!!

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Sarah said...

Love these pics Sara! You are so blessed!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)