Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Additions to our flock..

 We picked up 6 new baby chicks last week to add to the 5 chickens we already have. The kids were so excited to get them and so were we. We will be able to sell eggs and have enough for our family with 11 layers. We are much better at taking care of them this time around too since we have done it before. They are the silliest little things, the kids all got to name their chicks- we were only going to get 5 but then the people we buy them from had some extra small little ones that were so adorable we just had to have one- we named her Peanut and she is the sweetest thing!! The kids have had so much fun with her as you can see- as well as with the others..the other chicks just don't cooperate as well as Peanut does!!

Peanut walking through her chicken bridge Hallie made her.
Sadie with her chick Ruthie, we have another black one just like her named Ginny.

Hallie and her chick Goldie.

Colbys chick Hedwig.

Peanut being the cutest thing (I wont hold her anymore though since she pooped on my hand last time)

Colby with Hedwig.

Sadie holding my chick Hermione.

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Patricia Dunn said...

So So Cute. Thanks for posting the pictures. Everyone looks great! ♥