Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We had a very nice Easter this year. We enjoyed a pot-luck dinner and Good Friday service at church on Friday, egg dying at home then dinner with my folks on Saturday and a quiet family day together on Sunday which included church and lots of outside playing! The kids enjoyed getting Easter Bunny gifts and an egg hunt at Grammy's house as well as a huge yummy dinner. Here are some fun pictures of our weekend!

Diving right into it!

Dying eggs can be boring!

Really into writing messages!


If she loses any more teeth she will have to gum her food!!

More secret messages.

Daddy trying to keep Colby from getting to his basket!

Checking out one of her gifts with Grammy.

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The Easter Bunny left our new baby a basket- not sure why the basket is blue??? Must be wishful thinking!

About to dig into her basket!!

Opening his eggs to find CASH!!!

Yummy food!!!!
Still lovin it at almost 9!!

She was a little maniac egg hunter! She also got the most eggs!

This girl kept walking past eggs so her little sister could find them- LOVE her!

Easter Morning they woke up and had more from the Easter Bunny!!! We decided the Easter Bunny had been out back with all the other bunnies and trying to watch through our back door to see if they had been good- and obviously they had!!!

Good Morning!!!

The fifth Harry Potter book!! (He has already read it but is re-reading it!)

A hairbrush just like Mommy's!!! Now it wont get lost so much!!

He looks so grown up here!!!!


Cotton candy was a hit!


She got a Barbie camera- and took everyone's picture A LOT!!

Colby-almost 9, Hallie 7, Sadie 5
He chose the suite over just a collard shirt- so handsome!!

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Patricia Dunn said...

They look very handsome and pretty in their Easter attire. Thanks for sharing the pictures.