Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

We are a very strong Christian family, we have very strong Christian values. And we celebrate Halloween...but not to celebrate what Halloween was originally about. I am constantly seeing so many people saying we don't dress up, we don't want to give attention to that pagan holiday..and so on and so forth. My husband and I both grew up doing the Halloween thing and we did not turn into devil worshipers...crazy right?? Ha. We let our children dress up in nice happy costumes, I don't think we will ever allow them to be anything scary. We go to our church's Harvest Festival and have fun with our friends and YES we trick or treat. This year we went to our friends neighborhood (cause we don't have one unless you want to drive from house to house) and enjoyed seeing our kids have A BLAST trick or treating safely and having fun with their good friends. Mom and dad also got to have fun with our friends and enjoyed hanging out after the 30 minute trick or treat session...all while the kids traded and swapped candy. (oh and if you like this rant, just wait till Christmas time and I tell you all about our love for Santa! ;-o) Here are some fun pictures of our kids picking out pumpkins, carving them and all dressed up and having some fun at Harvest Fest! Enjoy!

Photo bombed by the baby.

He actually resembles Jase Robertson pretty well.

She was all hair- it lasted like 10 minutes and she was done with it.

He LOVED this game!

He may have gone in the tub if we let him.

Where did the ducks go??

Trunk or Treating

Trick or Treating time

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