Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break- Day 5

The Tuesday of our Spring Break trip was the busiest. They had three crafts for the kids that day plus root beer floats after lunch so we were constantly going over to the activities center. This particular resort offered tons of crafts all during the week for the kids (and adults if you wanted), and they were all free to do. The first craft of the day was to paint 3-D butterflies. Colby did not want to participate in that one; so the girls and I went to it and the boys played in the game room. We went for root beer floats after that, then Henry and I went back to our condo for nap time. Jeff and the big kids did sand paper art then tried their hand at some shuffleboard. We all went to the last craft of the day and the kids made cool looking t-shirts. They traced designs kind of like the tote bags, then used Sharpie markers to color them in. After that they used some rubbing alcohol to put on the drawings to make them bleed some. They turned out pretty cool. (You will notice in the pictures, our oldest daughter Hallie is having some wicked bad allergies this day. We had to go buy her some strong allergy meds to help her feel better..by the next morning she was soooo much better.) Enjoy the pictures.


I want UP!

I like to point!!

Trying to play tennis...I think they only went back and forth once.

The ball boy

Root Beer floats!!


Coloring on sand paper

Ironing the sand paper onto special paper.

Her masterpieces.

Jeff said the girls never got any past the middle line, but they had fun trying.

Her finished shirt, I didn't get any pictures of them making the shirts.

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