Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break Vacation- Days 1-2

We have not taken a REAL vacation since we had kids- like a week long, in a hotel having fun...well we have taken a couple but they were usually with Jeff's parents kindly paying for us to tag a long on a trip with them. They have a time-share through Wyndham Resorts and they put us on their friends and family list recently so that we could check for deals once a week and see if there was anything available. We were able to find one not too far from us in Pagosa Springs for a 2 bedroom Condo for 7 nights. It was a great deal and we had lots of space for our large family. It was about a 5 hour drive from our house to the resort and the drive went well for about the first 2 hours, then while driving up a hill the car just quit. So we pulled over and Jeff tried to figure out the problem- there didn't seem to be one; but the car wouldn't start. I told the kids to pray and I got out and into the driver seat to try to start the car while Jeff looked under the hood. On the second try it started up..we jumped in and away we went. My anxiety was pretty high at this point because we had only begun the uphill drive that we had ahead of us. Thankfully we made it up all the hills and the car was fine after that. We still don't know what the problem was. About 10 miles away from the resort we saw a couple turkeys near the road...one walked across the street and Jeff started to slow down some. The other one was still on the side of the road walking so he didn't slow down any more...right as we were about to pass the turkey it jumped and flew in front of our car, smashing the driver's side windshield. We were all in shock- and you can guess what my anxiety did after that. Jeff pulled over because he had glass all over him and wasn't sure if the window was going to collapse all the way in or not. It didn't thank goodness. We saw a car going the other direction stop to look at the turkey- Jeff thought they were checking on it, I said no, they are gonna eat it!! Sure enough, they picked that thing up and stuck it in their car and off they went. The whole scenario was hard to believe. We drove to the resort and got checked in and settled. The next morning we called around and no one close by was open on a Saturday. Only 2 places around did glass and may have had our windshield available to install the next week but couldn't guarantee it. We were told to call a place in New Mexico because they were open, so we did and they had a windshield and could install it if we could get there by 11 in the morning. We grabbed some stuff and hit the road- it was a 2 hour drive which was difficult with the windshield banged up..but we made it and got it fixed. We were then able to relax and enjoy the rest of our trip.

The kids had a blast- we had 4 TV's with cable!!! A hot tub room all to ourselves. Lots of free crafts. And tons of other fun stuff. We only went to the pool twice because it was really cold water and no one really enjoyed it. They had lots of fun everyday in the hot tub- and we could adjust the temperature to be not too hot for the kids.

Here are some pictures from the first few days- we went to Durango for a couple hours on our way home from New Mexico but decided we would have to go back because there was too much to see. We did visit the railroad museum there and that was lots of fun for everyone.

On our way back...

Trying on hats..

We finally got him some milk to drink, he was so happy.

They loved the horses. You will see them again on another post.


Love this picture of daddy with his kiddos.

Waiting for their train.

He thought it was a stop sign.

He loved this bench, thought he was a very big boy sitting on it.


He just loves rocks.

Checking things out.

He got his stash to take home!

This one came out blurry, but still cute.

They all took turns driving the train.

There was a movie to watch in here, but they just wanted to pose for a picture and leave.

More hats.

The giant teddy bear and balloons made him happy.

This picture just makes me laugh. TWINS!

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Patricia Dunn said...

Love, love, love the pictures. So thankful everything turned out so well. Anxious to see your next post.