Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, August 10, 2015

School Room 2015

This summer we re-finished our bookshelves in our school room and I love how it turned out! Everything looks so clean and tidy too! I purged a ton from our house this summer and it has made the house so much more manageable to keep clean.

This year I bought a new, fun clock! The kids picked it out. I also painted our bulletin board white and changed out the paper color and bought a new calendar. I'm excited to add more things to it in the coming weeks!

This is our book area: I am going to be getting a bigger coat rack that I have had my eye on at Hobby Lobby very soon. And will be looking for one bookself to fit this space and make it a little nicer looking.

This is little brother's play corner. He loves to cook us some food and play with his cars.

My new painted bookshelf (thanks to my dad, AKA Papa!) I bought a label maker and have had fun making labels so the kids know where to put things when they are done using them. Obviously that won't always happen that they actually put things away- but a mom can dream can't she?? I got that printer from a local buy/sell FB site for $5!! I also store some of our manipulatives on this shelf as well as art supplies, books and our curriculum. On the top shelf is my laminator (love that thing!)

Here is our IKEA desk and chairs. Only two kiddos work here at a time, we also have workboxes for the girls to keep their things in. Big brother has a desk upstairs in his room for his things. We try to keep the computers on this desk now and not move them around since last year we had an incident and had to spend a bundle repairing a laptop this summer. 

So there it is, our school room. It will hopefully stay clean and tidy like this all year long. (Who am I kidding??? I doubt it will last until Labor day) Hope you enjoyed the tour!!


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Patricia Dunn said...

Very pretty and organized. Have a fantastic school year!