Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Visiting Cousins

Last week my Cousin came to visit us since she had a medical conference in Denver. She is a missionary in Nicaragua who helps with their public health systems. She came by real quick before the conference for one day then after the conference she came for a few days and her parents and two of their grandkids came out from Kansas. My kids love playing with their second cousins! We surprised them and didn't tell them they were coming along so they were very excited to see them. The first time Renee came I took her to Drifter's for lunch ( knock off In & Out) then we went to hang out at Focus on the Family so the kids could play. They had a blast. When she came back through we spent one day at the Zoo and a couple evenings swimming in their hotel pool. It was a very fun visit! Enjoy the pictures.

Doing some acting.

Everyone watching Veggie-Tales

Being crazy in the toddler room- we were the only ones in the whole place.

Everyone is ready!

She loves Giraffes apparently.

The Lion Cubs- there were three there all snuggled up together.

The daddy Lion.

Checking out the airplane

Feeding the birds.

Uncle Ken tried to pet this guy and got growled at.

Petting the snake. It was very soft, didn't expect it to feel that soft.

The sloth came out and was slowly going to get some food to eat.

The adults needed a picture together too. My Uncle and Aunt and Cousin Renee and I.

The tiger came very close to where we were.

He loved pretending to ride this.

And was so excited when his Bubba came and joined him.

Brave ones riding the sky ride!

More brave ones!

Little Brother and I stayed where it was safe on the ground.

And we visited the Giraffes again.

Pool Time!

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