Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Four Christmas's #2- Christmas Eve

We always spend Christmas eve with my family and have so much fun. First we opened some gifts at home before church- ones the kids bought each other, a couple from mommy & daddy and some from our sweet friends. After that we got ready to head to church. We decided this year to find a church service to attend because our church has two services and one is at dinner time and one is too late for my kiddos. So we went to one called Church on the Ranch. It had great Country Christmas Hymns, which all my children loved singing. My oldest told me on the way home that night he really liked it. We then went to my parent's house and had our second annual pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve and we all loved it. Its such a great new tradition, I'm sure we will be doing it from now until forever. The kids did some cookie decorating (cookies for Santa) after dinner and then we sorted out all of the piles of gifts. The kids are great sorters. After they were done, little brother looked under the tree and said "no presents!" It was adorable and we all laughed, oh and I took a picture. We had a great time exchanging gifts and then playing with our new gifts! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

He LOVES the super hero movies!!

His sister got him a stuffed Hulk & Spiderman which he adored.

Fun coloring books for my creative girl.

New books!! I bought these from Usborn Books- I really hope my girls like them!

More books!!!

And more books!!! I love that my kids love to read.

He LOVES Star Wars!!!

Love Usborne books!

Lucky Boy.
Our little family.

Sorting time.

"Here, mama"

"No presents"

His big pile. He kept wanting to stack them.

Oh this magic set- he was a magician ALL weekend!!! He even needed to buy a top hat.

Her new doll, Grace

Bis sister with her new doll, Mary Ellen.

He was excited about this one!

He loves bowling, and was really excited about having his own bowling set.

"GUYS!" Thats what he calls his playmobile toys.

A new bike, lucky boy.

He had to do some bowling before we even took it home.

Grammy opening her gifts. They all had to look at it.

Papa looking at their calendar.

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