Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Four Christmas's- #3 Christmas Morning

We always spend Christmas morning with just us and the kids. I LOVE it! We get to enjoy watching them open their gifts from Santa and unloading their stockings. Then get to have a laid back morning/day of watching them play and enjoy everything they received. My biggest boy is growing up, he asked "Santa" for a football Jersey. His first non-toy item. Sigh. The girls both asked for Lego sets and I brainwashed our littest to ask for a Mater Ride on toy. Daddy made us a yummy pancake breakfast and it was a great morning overall. Enjoy the pictures.
Santa came!!!

Waiting for the all clear to go downstairs.

Running....He actually followed the kids and ran to their stockings, big brother had to direct him to his things.

Checking out his stuff.

Checking out their stuff.

Taking a ride- he was afraid at first, took a few tries to get comfortable.

Had to eat a pouchy food immediately when he pulled it out of his stocking.

Going to survey what the big kids got.

LOVES Superheros

Look at my new car mommy!

Brother encouraging him to ride it.

In his new Bronco's Jersey and Bronco's slippers.


The whole gang about the eat.

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