Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Friday, January 1, 2016

Four Christmas's- #4 G & G

Late afternoon on Christmas day, my husbands parents arrived to spend the weekend with us to celebrate Christmas. We enjoyed lots of chatting, a nice Christmas dinner and opening of gifts that day. It was lots of fun. The next day we enjoyed a nice breakfast with my husbands Aunt and her family. We spent the rest of the weekend playing and hanging out, and of course we went to church on Sunday morning. It was a nice relaxing weekend and we all had a great time. And we are definitely going to have to do some toy organizing soon!!! Enjoy the pictures.

My yummy desserts!

Christmas table.

My cuties.

The whole gang.

She is becoming a Lego girl like her sister.

A gift card to Justice (her favorite store!)

He loves dressing up these days.

More guys for his new Infinity set.

He is Fire truck crazy!

Barbie stuff!

His new BB gun.

More Barbies for my Barbie crazy girl.

Eye wear for when he is shooting.

A whole lotta BB's.

She LOVES to dance. I might have to join her!!

Checking out Grandmother's calendar.

Target practice.

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Patricia Dunn said...

It was a really good weekend with lots of fun and playing card games. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have to say it is a beautiful family. Love you all.