Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Big Sister is the BIG 1-0!

My big girl turned 10 in February. We had a fun time celebrating her. She requested homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast that day. We had a normal school day, then decided to go play at Focus on the Family..then made a stop at Starbucks for a treat. On the weekend we had a small, family party for her after their basketball games. Everyone had a good time and she was had fun opening her gifts and eating cupcakes!

Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast!

They had five minutes before they were closing the big slide...so they went down like 3 times each in five minutes!

Hanging out with brother.

Little brother wouldn't sit still for a picture of everyone.

It took a few minutes to get everyone looking.

With Aslan.
Party day


She had a "winter" party

Her new bike!

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