Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Road Trip part 2

So far our trip has taken us from Colorado to Kansas to Missouri to Illinois to Kentucky and now we arrived in Tennessee. We got to our hotel a little later than planned, so we ordered pizza for dinner and ended up staying up very late getting settled in. The kids loved the hotel and all the room we had. We stayed at Wyndham Resort of the Smoky Mountains. We planned to see the town one day and do Dollywood the other day. Our two biggest kids have been to Disneyland but do not remember going, so other than our local Santa's Workshop amusement park they had never been to one. Dollywood was great for our diverse ages of kids- lots for the big kids and lots for the littles. Everyone was happy. We even saw a magic show in the late afternoon that the big kids loved and the little ones were able to take naps in a nice air conditioned room. My husband talked our oldest into doing a roller coaster with a loop in it- and they sat in the front. Big brother wasn't too excited to go on more roller coasters after that. I did talk him into going on a calmer one with me, but after that he was done. Everyone loved the log ride- I even bought the pictures of both logs coming down because of how great the kids faces are. Dollywood has something called parent swap- My husband was able to ride a ride with the big kids while I watched the littles, then when he got back I was able to ride with the big kids while he watched the littles. The big kids loved it cause they got to ride twice in a row. We all had such a good time there, we made so many great memories. I cannot tell you how much joy I had seeing how much joy all my kiddos had! Ok enough talking- here are the pictures!! Our foster daughter legally has to have her face covered, so that is why you will see stickers over her face (she really is adorable!)- hopefully one day I can leave it uncovered!!

We rode a Trolley!! Just like Daniel Tiger- little brother was so excited.

LOL- little brother doesn't like to look at the camera.

We had a fun ride.

We rented a double stroller when we got there since we didn't have room while traveling. It was a great investment! Everytime little brother got in he put his arm around baby sister- it was adorable.

The blazing fury coaster!! The kids loved it, but it wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be.

There they go!!!

Can you see them?? Don't worry, neither can I!!

Still smiling- whew!

They had to work on this ride!

He went rock climbing while the big kids went on their ride.

They got up faster than daddy and little sister.

Baby sister loved the ducky ride!!

Serious about driving.

They liked this one too.

The elephant ride was exciting!!

Big brother squished himself into this ride in order to ride with baby sister.

We spent way too much money on the carnival games.

Drinking his soda while we wait to see daddy and the big kids on the water raft ride.

They finally made it!

They liked it and dragged me on it later...where I got drenched.

Her new hat.

The log ride was a favorite.

A picture with some random bear.

The magic show!! They loved it- it was so good.

Big brother with the magician.

After we finished the magic show and little brother woke up from his nap we found this splash pad. He had so much fun- he didn't stop running through the water for twenty minutes. Thankfully he had a change of clothes.


Big brother got hit with a water sprayer right in the wrong place!

Baby sister really wanted to join in.

I wish you could see her face- she is so cute.

He insisted he could slide down the stairs side.

So handsome.

This is the, "mommy stop taking pictures of me" pose.

The car ride was a hit!

He loved driving the car- we had to go on it twice in a row.

After our roller coaster ride.

The tea cups. We all went really slow.


Patricia Dunn said...

Looks like a fun place. Glad y'all had so much fun.

Patricia Dunn said...

Looks like a fun place. Glad y'all were able to go. It is obvious that everyone had a blast.