Monday, July 18, 2016

Road Trip- Final Stop

Before we headed home we decided to stay an extra day in Kansas City and spend time with Jeff's brother and his family. His brother took the day off work and we all went to the aquarium and out to lunch. That evening the kids played and played and played..outside in the pool and inside the house. We had a yummy Mexican dinner made by my BIL and SIL and Jeff's mom brought over some yummy desserts. We made sure to take some family pictures before we headed to bed since we only all get together about once a year. The aquarium pictures aren't great because they didn't allow me to use the flash. Enjoy the pictures!!

Our official Aquarium pictures.

Stamping their books- they had 8 different spots to stamp them and earned a "prize" at the end.

Waiting for the water to come out of the rocks.

Touching starfish

He loved this.

Waiting for the water to come out.

So excited when the water came out- he came out all blurry he was so excited.

Mommy did you see that??

They loved going in the bubbles to get their pictures taken.

The creepy octupus

Finally got a smile out of my nephew.

Miss M with a couple of my kiddos.


My hubby and his brother with all the kiddos.

Making their own fish on the computers.

He LOVES Lego's & Star Wars.

Little brother wanted his picture with R2D2

At the railroad restaurant- they deliver your food by toy train. It was pretty cool.

Waiting for our food.

Here comes part of our order.

That wasn't ours

Here is some more.

It drops it then lowers it down to the table. The waiter brings the drinks but the train brings everything else.

More Lego guys.

Pool time. One kiddo was still napping.

Playing some ball with Grandad.

The whole gang- even the dog needed to be in the picture.

Grandad & Grandmother with all the grandkids.

The boys.

The gals.

All the kiddos.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Road Trip part 4

The second half of our day we drove through Smoky Mountain National Park and got out to use the bathroom and walk around some. It was so incredibly beautiful. And I got my first look at poison oak. After our pretty drive we decided we wanted to eat dinner at Paula Deen's Family Kitchen. Since we weren't sure we would ever get the opportunity again we wanted to take advantage. We totally splurged, but we had a great time and ate some great food. We walked around the shops after that where daddy had fun visiting the Ol Smoky Mountain Moonshine Store, and Big Brother had fun visiting the super hero store..and the other kids all enjoyed the fun toy store. We sat and watched the water show for a while too. We had such a big day but the kids insisted we go back to the splash pad and pool before bedtime. So I took the littles to the splash pad while hubby took the big kids swimming in the pool. Fun was had by all!
So pretty!!! And green!!!

We did our traditional camera timer family picture.

Even though the walk was short, it was fun.

Little Sister
Big Sister.

Big Brother.

Little Brother

Little Brother and Baby Sister.

Great View!

Saw some wild life.

Beautiful stream

Yay!!! The downstairs is a store and the upstairs is the restaurant.

Watching the water show- it was set to country music so I loved it.