Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Life since Timothy...

Two years ago today I was undergoing a D and C after losing our sweet baby boy, Timothy. It was the hardest and darkest time I have ever been through so far in my life.

Before we became pregnant with our fourth child, Henry, we had filled out paperwork to become foster parents. I kid you not, the day the stick turned pink the agency called to let us know we were approved to start our training. Unfortunately, I called and declined to pursue fostering at that time because we felt it would be too hard. Fast forward to before I was pregnant with Timothy. We wanted to grow our family but I in no way, shape or form wanted to be foster parents. I did NOT want to deal with loving a baby and having to give him/her back. Apparently God felt differently.

After losing Timothy my heart was so sad. I had longed to love that baby boy and enjoy every second with him. God and I weren't on great terms, but He urged my heart. He told me to try again. He told me there were lots of babies who needed the love and care we could give. So I called our agency and talked to them about what we would need to do to foster. The process was oddly easy for us. Some of the training's were hard to listen to when they talked of abuse and trauma. Three months. Start to finish, we were licensed in three months.

We have had five placements since starting this journey 19 months ago. We still have placements 3
 and 5. We have had them both since they were 2 days old. Our "Toby" is 15 months old today. I'm pretty sure God made him for me. He is my rainbow baby. This sweet boy healed my heart. He is only 2 months younger than Timothy would be. He fits into our family like the missing puzzle piece. Yet, he might be leaving. Ever since we got him he was supposed to be leaving. From the time we got him I told God, if this boy is supposed to stay with us please just keep him here. He's still here. It seems like it will take a miracle for him to be ours forever, but we pray every day for that miracle. 

Our sweet Strawberry was never supposed to come to us. We never intended to have two babies at once. They are only 9 months apart. Toby's biological grandma was supposed to take him, so we opened up for another baby right before he would be leaving.  The day after we brought Strawberry home, Toby's grandma told me she wanted him to stay with us. That we were his mommy and daddy. So now we have two. Strawberry is supposed to leave soon too. There is family and friends they are checking out to take her. She is almost six months old. We would love to keep her as well but its not up to us. Pretty sure this will take another miracle from God.

If you had asked me two years ago when I was going through the greatest heartache ever if I would be loving on these babies as well as my four sweet bio kids, I would have scoffed and laughed and said ya right God. I am the last person that could take in babies and give them back. I'm pretty sure the heartbreak will happen. I'm also pretty sure God called us to this..and there are more babies for us to love out there. And maybe, just maybe there will be one(or more) for us to keep forever.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Christmas activites

We tried to stay busy and do fun things before and after the normal Christmas Eve/Day festivities. We went to Bass Pro Shop and saw Santa Claus and had a fun evening hanging out there looking around and playing. We went to a cookies and milk party at church that was super fun for the kiddos. We also took the kids to the Broadmoor Hotel to see all the lights and the gingerbread train. We always go by ourselves on a date night but wanted to take the kids this year. They loved it. After Christmas we made a date with the "big" kids and took them to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We all LOVED it. Well, at least us Harry Potter fans did!! We had a great time together.

Looking at the catfish.

Playing in the tents.

Cookies and milk party.

Decorating their cookies.

Look at my cookie mommy!


At the Broadmoor

Being silly

All bundled up and ready to go.

The gingerbread train

Finally getting to see the movie.

We were super excited.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

Not too many pictures of Thanksgiving, but it was a good day. Grammy and Papa came over and brought a few side dishes with them to share, oh and pies...they brought pies. We all had a nice, relaxing day and enjoyed good food.

Henry was ready to eat!

My little helpers.

He wanted wear Hallie's apron.

Goofing off while bubba was getting his picture taken.

Big kids are ready to eat.

One with mommy in the picture.

My sweet kiddos.

One with Grammy in the picture.

My silly little mister.

Trick or treating & Pumpkin Carving

We ended up having some sick little ones this past Halloween so we had to for-go our plans we had made with friends and just went to Grammy and Papa's house to trick or treat. There was hardly anyone out trick or treating, so the kids got a pretty good haul from the people who were passing out candy. They all had a lot of fun. We also had fun carving pumpkins, thankfully no one needed stitches this year. I made sure to make my husband use the "safe" carving kit this time. Over all we had a great fall season with all of the festivities we went to.

Henry decided to be Yoda on Halloween instead of Batman.

The little ladybug had not trick or treated before so it was fun to see how much fun she had.

Treat Street 2016

Every year the school where my husband works has a carnival around Halloween time for younger kids in the community. Our kids always enjoy going and have lots of fun. They have hallways full of high school students passing out candy to trick or treaters and also have an area full of games the kids can play.

The toddler didnt want to take pictures this day, she was there just not in the pictures.

Henry loved fishing.

Even big boys like playing the games!