Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Love Story...Part 4

We were finally engaged!!! FINALLY!!! I waited 2 years for this! The next morning I went to my mom and dad's house early to show my mom my ring!

Our engagement photo.

Pretty quickly I moved back home and Jeff got an apartment that I helped pay rent on. So things were a bit different for a while.

The next couple months were spent wedding planning and getting things ready ASAP- we were getting married in about 3 months so had a lot to do. My mom busted her behind and opened her wallet for about every single thing for my wedding- I am so thankful because I cannot imagine all the hard work and money she invested! My boss at the time designed and made my wedding dress as a gift to me- I still am in love with it! We ordered flowers and a cake, found a photographer..all at the last minute. I wanted a wedding in the Fall!!!!

We were starting our Fall semester of college- but were able to get some days off for our wedding and honeymoon...we would just have A LOT of homework when we got back! Things were all falling into place and went smoothly planning wise. A week before our wedding I was driving home from work and got my first traffic ticket- I ran a red light. I knew I did as soon as the light turned red before I got my car across that white line- I looked back and there were 2 motorcycle cops just sitting there...in California this cost me close to $400 to get it off my record..UGH! The next day Jeff got pulled over for having a light out- but was given a fix-it ticket. And then 4 days before our big day we woke up to hell breaking loose....

One of the twin towers were on fire and airplanes were crashing all over the place...it was a literal nightmare. One of the worst days ever. Jeff had left for school but came back home and we watched together as a plane flew through the second tower and life as we knew it was different. It was scary. We had TONS of stuff to do this week and were still working and going to school while doing them, so we proceeded with life. My flower girls' dad was in New York I believe at the time, so with all planes grounded he was unable to make it to our wedding. Other then that and the whole somberness of it all, our wedding was unaffected.

On September 15, 2001 I became Mrs. Sara ..... YAY! It was a great ceremony and my hot hubby dipped me and gave me a wonderful first kiss as husband and wife!! We partied on at the reception and had tons of fun! Afterwards we headed out to our honeymoon in San Diego...on the way there we spotted Ray Romano pumping gas at the gas station...super cool! When we got there and turned on the news, the events that we were seeing really hit us for the first time since we had been so busy before.

Here are some pics from our wedding!!

So there it is folks...almost 11 years later and I am still madly in love with my husband. He is an amazing Godly man, husband and father. I am so lucky he chose me!!

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The Camouflage Sunflower said...

whoo woo! Love your love story! So sweet.