Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Love Story....part 3

Now where were we?!?? Oh yes, he took FOREVER to tell me he loved me...finally on Valentines Day, just about a year after our first date he gave me a sweet card...and said  wrote I love you...lol. So....the next day we left to go to the youth conference he was a chaperone at every year...and I went with him this year. It was lots of fun, but on the first night I couldn't stand it anymore and I SAID I love you...and he said it back, and I am happy to say he has said it every single day since!

Whew now that we were over that hurdle, we went about our dating business and kept on dating...we were both in college full time and I was also working full time. Jeff had been looking for a job and was able to get one out of town in the LA area. Thankfully he just commuted and I was able to go with him quite often. He was a youth director at a church down in Reseda, CA. It worked out good for his school schedule, except he always had to be there on Sundays and sometimes Saturdays, which were my days off. I went with him a lot!!

About a year and a half after we started dating we were talking marriage. We used to love to take drives around mountain sides and all over and just talk; one of those times we talked marriage. I mentioned to my parents that we were wanting to get married soon and my mom told me that I needed to live on my own before getting married. OK. DONE! My friend Michele had an apartment and an extra bedroom so I moved in. It worked out great. My mom was also concerned that I would not finish college if I got married (I still had 2 years left)...I promised her I would..(and I did!)

So I lived on my own for a while, and worked and went to school..and we kept on dating. 2 years after we started dating, we made it over to a jewelry store and he said I could try on some rings. So I did! And I found one that I loved...and we ordered it! And then I waited, and waited...and wondered when he would pop the question! After 2 months of waiting I finally asked him if he was ever going to give me the ring. He said well I have a credit card issue and haven't been able to pick it up..UGH!!!! Well, we were finally able to work that out and we went together to pick it up. Then we went back to my place and he placed the bag on the tv in my room. And we sat there and stared at it! I finally said, are you ever going to give it to me. He said yes and went and got it. Then he gave it to me and said, "So, do you still want to marry me??" - romantic eh!?? I said I guess so...


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