Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Praying without ceasing...

This has been something I have done for almost 3 years now...last August I wrote THIS blog post about our journey back to fertility. At that point we were still waiting...and praying. Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." This was something I read and re-read to help remind me that my faith would get me through and the Lord would be with us every step of the way.

This is silly but my New Years resolution had been to get a baby somehow, someway in 2013. Thankfully my sweet husband was on board for this idea!!! We started with a tour of a local foster care agency. After meeting with people there we were on board for the adventure!! To be able to get all of our paperwork in and training done we would have to be available A LOT during the Spring. My husband is (was) the JV girls soccer coach at his school, but had already been throwing around the idea of no longer coaching all together. So when it came down to being able to take our foster care classes or coach- he turned in his resignation. I spent a few days getting our application ready and lining up references then took my big kids with me to go turn it in on Tuesday. We had to be approved to move on to taking our classes and getting started on our home study. SO, I was a nervous wreck that whole week hoping we would be approved. For some reason I thought they would not think we were good enough to be foster parents.

Lo and Behold that Friday I got something I had only dreamed of for the last 2 years- 2 sweet lines!!! I was thrilled of course to finally be pregnant, but what about foster care?? About 5 hours later I got a call from the agency and we were approved to be foster parents. Another happy thing, but alas we could not do both. Since my pregnancy has gone well and everything is good, we have put foster care on hold. We do hope to go back to it at a later date because it really is something our hearts are open to.

I am 20 weeks pregnant now and doing good!! We found out last week that our little bundle is a BOY! He DOES have name already, but we are not divulging it until he is born!! We have however decided to tell you his middle name. His middle name will be Matthew- it means "Gift from God" because he truly is our little gift from the Lord. Here is a picture of my little pumpkin man!!!


Anastasia said...

So very happy for you! And so glad to share in this experience with you...though mine is coming to a close soon. Everywhere I turn, God is reminding me to never stop doing the thing I say I am so passionate about yet many times "forget" to continue to do...PRAY!

Em said...

Those ultrasound pictures are so sweet and special...especially, somehow, when that baby has been hoped and dreamed about for so very long. Looking forward to seeing his photo on the outside soon.

Patricia Dunn said...

Matthew is a good middle name and we are eagerly awaiting his arrival. He will be born into a family with a lot of love for each other and for him.