Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A visit to see Santa

A couple weeks ago we decided to make a family outing out of going to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop. We had never visited Santa there before but had always heard good things about it. And you get a free picture with Santa, so that was a solid reason to do it. After we saw him and ran around the store for a while, we went out to dinner using a gift card. We spent about $10 for our fun evening out and we had a blast!!

After we saw Santa we looked around and enjoyed all the cool things they sell at Bass Pro. We checked out the big tank of fish and played with the giant stuffed bear. The kids also tried out the camping gear and the big boat. What fun we had!! Do not worry, we did not let them run like heathens. They were very well supervised by us! And the store didn't get busy until about the time we were leaving. This will for sure be something we do again next year!!

So happy our little guy didn't cry!! We talked about it all day that day so he was prepared!

Talking to Santa

Discussing what he wants from Santa.

Best part- getting their candy canes!

Looking at the big ugly fish!

Little brother was scared of the big catfish!

I love this picture!

Silly girl.

Another silly girl. ---Don't mind daddy to the left..

He was brave and did it too!

WHOA! Your big!!

ummm...I think big brother is a little too big to do that!

He likes this chair!!

The bunk beds were soooo cool!!

Even the big kids liked them!

Walking with the sisters.

Driving the boat.


More posing..

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