Our Heartspun Homeschool

Our Heartspun Homeschool

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meal planning to keep your food budget LOW! Part 1

I wanted to take few minutes to share some of my meal planning tips to help you see how I keep my food budget as low as possible. We spend on average $360/month on food, pet stuff, and things like toilet paper and soap. For a family of 5 I think this is pretty good. We recently became Sams club members- so a few things I can get there for a good price if no one else has it for a ROCK BOTTOM price. (toilet paper, milk, eggs, orange juice...) Here is a typical breakfast menu and some notes about it:

Monday: Eggs in a Basket   
When I make eggs in a basket i just take the middle out of the bread with my fingers and butter both sides of the bread and cook in my cast iron skillet. Then i either put the egg straight in or scramble it up a little first depending on how the person likes their eggs cooked.

Tuesday: Cereal (we buy 4 boxes per month- they are allowed 1 box a week- I never pay more than $2 per box)
Wednesday: Bagels 
Thursday:Amish Baked Oatmeal (I make this the night before & stick it in the oven when I wake up- I get up 45 minutes before the kids for my quiet time)- don't forget to put the milk in it when it's time to eat it- it's too dry to eat like normal oatmeal!
Friday: Waffles 
Saturday: Cinnamon rolls
Sunday: Cinnamon rolls- makes 12 so we always have enough for both days.

I get my milk at Sam's since it's $2/gal...if another store happens to have it lower than that a particular week I will buy it there. I try really hard to get my eggs for $1/dozen (hopefully the chickens will start laying soon so we wont have to buy these anymore) Cereal I usually buy generic unless I have a good coupon matched with a good sale and try to pay $1-$1.50/box. I buy my oats when on sale usually from the bulk bin by the pound or at Sams. I buy orange juice when on sale at the grocery store- otherwise I buy frozen concentrate at Sam's - it comes with 6 in a package and we use 1 a week.  My bread I was getting at our Orowheat Bread outlet- but lately have found better bargains by going to King Soopers and shopping the day old rack- last weekend I scored 4 loaves of whole wheat bread for $.59/each. I left 2 out for this weeks lunches and threw 2 in the freezer. Oh and the sausage well I usually just buy the little banquet links when on sale for $1/box (I usually stock up about 10 at a time) I know they are not the healthiest but my kids LOVE them and they are easy!
So those are our breakfasts, if you have any questions leave it in the comments section- I would love to hear from you!


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